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White Hat SEO Service

Our White Hat SEO Services work hand and hand with the changes in major search algorithms, We spend countless hours fine tuning and molding our practices to ensure we keep our clients out of bad neighborhoods, and consistently on page 1.
  • Hummingbird Safe SEO Services
  • Penguin Safe SEO Services
  • Panda Safe SEO Services
  • We Deliver Results

    SEO Gazelle was built on providing results, and Delivering for our clients! We setup our campaigns with the tools needed to track the progress of your SEO Campaign, and see the increased organic traffic for your competitive keywords.
  • Page 1 rankings for competitive keywords
  • Increased Organic traffic
  • Visual Monthly Reports
  • Service and Support

    We are always here for you to address any question about your campaign or website. Our dedicated SEO Team is well versed in WordPress, Drupal, & Joomla. We are always here to solve the tough problems along the way!
  • 24/7 SEO Reports & Charts
  • Dedicated SEO Campaign Manager
  • Password Secured Reporting
  • Development Team
  • Our Process

    We are constantly working to utilize the latest SEO optimization techniques. SEO Gazelle is a Search Engine Optimization company that constantly crushes it’s competition. Built on the foundation of White Hat Techniques, Proven On-Site Optimization, and Quality Link Building.
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • On-Site Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Mobile Ready

    Responsive design matched with powerful SEO will keep your company on the top of search engines on any device.

    No Risk Policy

    No long term monthly contracts or commitments. Our SEO services are billed on a month to month basis.

    Organic SEO

    We know the reasons & factors for why our SEO Company out ranks our competition on Google. Quality SEO, All The Time!

    Secured Reports

    We provide active reporting for your campaign, 24/7/365, to track your search engine improvements and keep you informed.

    Success with your SEO Campaign

    When you align your personal goals, your website’s goals, and the goals of the major search engines – you will find much greater success with you campaign. You yourself need to be focusing on converting your leads, while we get your website organically ranked for continued – long term success. Offthemap covers all the basic steps and fundamentals, in addition to our teams knowledge. There are a multitude of pieces that go together to help determine the successfulness of an SEO Campaign. Source code, keyword competitiveness, domain age, and webpage credibility are all key elemets to a successful SEO Campaign. If you are ready to increase your website’s visibility, take a look at our Elite  SEO Packages !

    Local SEO Campaign

    SEO Fort Lauderdale

    Are you looking for a Top SEO Company that will help you take your business to the next level – not only for the short term marketing success – but for the long term? Offthemap has consistently utilized proven SEO services that not only deliver results for ourself, but also our clients. Making the decision to invest in Search Engine Optimization is a simple one, and also a needed one. Our Top SEO Company will provide you with a custom SEO Quote that targets the most relevant keywords in your niche market. Our SEO Fort Lauderdale team is dedicated to obtaining the top positions in google! While we, nor anyone else in this industry, cannot guarantee results, most instances our clients reach the first page for their selected keywords.

    SEO Company Miami

    You have built your site, and now you are ready to start making sales! The key to conversions and sales, is bringing the correct traffic to the site. An Aggressive SEO Campaign delivered by Offthemap, a Top SEO Company, will start driving the correct traffic to your website. Our SEO Analysts have a great understanding of how Google’s Algorithm interacts with websites. Once your campaign is moving forward, you can sit back and watch the rankings continue to rise month after month. When you hire the right SEO Company, it becomes an investment and not an expense. As with most things in life, you get out of it, what you put in. The more you are able to invest, the more you get out of it. All the SEO Techniques used by Offthemap are white hat, meaning they follow Google’s guidelines strictly.

    Some of our Past and Present Clients

    Onsite Page Optimization Information | Web Page Breakdown

    Page Title Optimization – The page title is one of the main pieces of information the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL) present to people that are searching online. The Page Title of your website is referenced multiple times when it comes to calculating the position of the ranking. This doubles the value of the Page Title. Not only is it the first thing people see when searching in the search engines, but it also is calculated in to your actual ranking itself. To ensure that your page title appears properly, keep the amount of characters below the recommended 65.
    Meta Tag Optimization – Meta Tags provide potential visitors a short description (155 characters) that details the focal point of that specific webpage. Having your Meta Tags properly written, will not only help capture users – but it will help you bring the correct traffic to your website. Thus, bringing down your bounce rate. There are numorous meta tags like: description, keywords, author, robots, language, generator, abstract, distribution, etc. When you are writing out your meta tags, make sure you keep the information relevant and original.
    Page Content Optimization – Creating SEO friendly content is one of the hardest steps in the Onsite SEO process. When you are building relevant information about your company, your service, or your organization – you need to keep in mind a few keyword terms: Keyword Density, Keyword Relevance, and Keyword Association. You also need to be aware and weary of your keyword stuffing. Always surround your keywords with relevant information. The Search Engines are also ever changing and having your pages optimized correctly will help you keep your positions through updates.

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